Ho. Lee. shit you guys! Today I officially signed a 4 year publishing deal with an amazing company based in Beverly Hills, California. Their exclusive catalog only holds 1,000 titles at a time and they specifically chose one of my songs. Here's a peek at the inside scoop:
"Our publishing catalog is relatively small (right around 1000 titles) so we are very selective in regards to what is accepted. Songs and artists from the catalog have appeared in the TV shows, CHICAGO P.D., SHAMELESS, CALIFORNICATION, BREAKING BAD, CASTLE, HOUSE, M.D., NCIS, COLD CASE, etc. and numerous feature films and documentaries"
That being said - although there is no guarantee that this monumental moment in my career will lead anywhere at all, I am SO GRATEFUL to even be considered a "good enough" songwriter to accomplish what I personally think is the holy grail of things that a songwriter can accomplish. In other words a life-long dream come true = obtaining my very own publishing deal.

THANK YOU to everyone who has followed me in my musical journey thus far, I feel this is only the beginning of things I will check off of my bucket list. Thanks for sticking with me.

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