Cuatro Vientos

Cuatro Vientos


Weaving thru traffic & stray dogs on narrow dirt roads in an oversized vehicle already had me a bit frazzled as I pulled into the dusty parking lot.


A teal wooden sign that resembled one of those vintage wall hangings you’d find at TJ Maxx (only it was the real deal) read “cuatro vientos” which I thought meant four seasons but actually means four winds. My espanol needs work.


There I was, in a developing country, walking down a gravel path leading into an empty courtyard by myself, in a place I’ve never been before to meet someone I’ve never met before. My mom would shit.

But I had homework, and I’m serious about my yoga teacher training…..  because I don’t know wtf I’m doing and I need all the help I can get.


The path led me to a building I was NOT expecting. Boujie, impressively clean glass doors led into a modern yet earthy waiting room and there she was. A Scottish goddess yogi with the most beautiful bright eyes and mermaid hair. She’s so cool, I can see it. Nervous to introduce myself, I shyly waved and settled in. There was a class in session so I sat still and quiet like a kid waiting in the lobby for her mom to finish talking to the doctor.


Another set of glass doors leading into a great room revealed an aquarium full of humble warriors, each dripping sweat and loyally following the cues of the instructor. I was mesmerized. How could I not know Todos Santos was the capital of yoga in the Baja? I’m so happy I found out this way nonetheless. The shock factor fed the stoke.


Mairi introduced herself and of course had the most delicate and adorable PS I love you kind of accent. We instantly connected on more than one subject and I knew right away that the universe had taken part in our crossing.


It was a slow day at the studio so in turn and to my advantage, I got to observe Māiri teach a private prenatal restorative flow! The student - I didn’t catch her name, only her Latin, youthful, graceful presence - was surviving early pregnancy on fruit, water, and yoga. This class was surely both life giving and mini life nurturing for her and the bun.


I sat propped upon a booster under vaulted woven palm/bamboo-like Mexican vaulted ceilings with big love energy flowing all around me. I silently poured all of my observation notes onto my worksheet. I wrote down every cue and pose I found fascinating. Of course I ran out of room.


While taking part in the closing meditation, I felt a deep, spiritual connection to my inner knowing that one day I too will be surviving on fruit, water, and prenatal yoga. It is a dream that will surely come true despite what I’ve been thru, it has to, right? I mean, all my others have. Even this one I’m experiencing now.

- Namaste 🙏🏽 

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