Snail Mail

Snail Mail

8 years ago the University of Oregon randomly assigned me a dorm roommate. Danielle was a blonde, organized, pre-med student from Ashland who always had her shit together. 

I was a brunette, unorganized, undeclared musician, who came directly from a trailer park who couldn't even get to class on time.
Somehow opposites attract and 8 years later shes a nurse at duke hospital in North Carolina - I'm still pursuing my dream job in the music world over here in Hawaii.

It's crazy to think that nearly a decade ago we were snuggled up in our dorm room watching Jerry McGuire on repeat - crying over stupid boys & the stress of midterms. And here we are now, still moving forward, still never settling, still polar opposites, still good friends.

Thank you Danielle for the card, your contribution toward my album, but mostly for your sweet, thoughtful, kind words. Our friendship means more to me than you know. I'll work on that. I love you wifey!
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