Collaboration; Behind the Scenes

Collaboration; Behind the Scenes

Collaboration; plural noun: the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

There is nothing that makes my creative heart light up more than working with other artists to collaboratively create something beautiful. This is just a peek from behind the scenes at what we do together. I'd like to thank the following artists for dream teaming with me. Each of you inspire me to continue to do what I love. Each of you are passionate, kind, and full of life. Thank you for being you.

*Artists listed by instagram username*

Music: @ikefamous |new album out now|
Videography: @child_indigo
Model: @vprincemusic
Designer: @roxellecho
Makeup Artist: @Gracemakeupartistry
Organic coffee scrub: @ili_kope
Temporary tattoos: @puretatts
Bikinis: @fusedhawaii |
[introducing the all new - limited edition - Waikiki one piece bikini collection]



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