"Gimme That" Out now! And the story behind it.

"Gimme That" Out now! And the story behind it.

I just released one of my all time favorite creations "Gimme That." I usually like to let the listener interpret the song as they hear it themselves but this song means so much to me I'd like to share the story behind it. 

Gimme That explained:

There was a time in my life when I finally realized that I didn't need anyone or anything in order to be happy. Nobody could get my true attention using material things, lame pickup lines or empty promises. I knew in my bones that music was the only thing that brought me real joy in this life. 

A stranger once asked me "What can I give you that would make you the happiest?" to which I replied "Nothing I can't give myself."

I'm not impressed by possessions, I don't want to see fancy things, or hear excuses. I want to hear truth, I want to hear passion, I want to hear music. Give me a song I can belt out from behind a steering wheel or in the shower. Give me the kind of song you just can't help but tap your foot to. Give me a song that makes me stop in the middle of a run so I can tap 'add to playlist.' Or the kind of song that makes me smile ear to ear while I'm driving in the car with the windows down. Or the best kind of song, the kind that makes the fuzz on my arms stand up because the lyrics are speaking straight to my soul. Chicken skin.

During this time in my life I wanted music more than love, more than money, more than anything. I knew I didn't need a person to fill my head with sweet nothings - I could fill my own head with the sweet sound of my guitar. The beautiful thing about playing an instrument is you get out of it exactly what you put into it. Not more, not less.

I love this song because it's not a love song. I wrote this song for me and me only. It's great to be inspired by love, loss, or hope. But it's empowering to be inspired by your own will to be happy with nothing but the simple things in life. In my case, I just wanted to let my hair down, cut all the BS, move past my insecurities, bypass all the excuses and make some music. I wanted nothing more than to play my songs and be free.

Someone once said - "If you're looking for permission, this is it, you're allowed to be your own muse."


Head over to the "music" tab in the menu where you can download it and hear it yourself. 

As always, thank you for listening to the inside of my heart. My music. I am forever appreciative of you. Yes you, reading this right here and now. Thank you. 


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My comment above has a bunch of question marks?? They where put in place of emojis I used. FYI I did not intend for ?? Marks to be in my comment. ❤

Mary Escalante

You are such a Inspiration to so many People, Including Me! I’m so Proud of You!! You are a Beautiful Soul, inside & out ❤? Keep making this world a Better place ????♪♫
Love You for Always❤
Aunt Mary

Mary Escalante

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