I'm hosting a giveaway! You can support my music and maybe win some cool stuff!

Yesterday 10 lucky periscope fans won prizes. The giveaway started out on there to celebrate reaching 1 million hearts.

I will be giving away 2 grand prize packages to anyone who enters. 

The big grand prize includes a $100 gift card for! 

Here's how to enter: 

Go to and donate $5 or more to my virtual tip jar.

To increase your odds: For every $5 donated you get 1 entry! For example: Wayne from Wisconsin donated $10 toward my album and he already won two prizes from

All proceeds go toward my album! I'll be announcing winners live today on Periscope

Additional entry: Follow me on Instagram and DM me! 

Good luck! I'm so excited to give you some goodies from my favorite brands!

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