I've been thinking a lot about how the internet has changed our perception of reality. We scroll through these feeds flooded with filtered photos of perfect bodies, sceneries, and cuisines. 

This is not reality.

Nothing is perfect.

Not our bodies, not our food, not our experiences.

Every person, place and thing is flawed by design.

Nothing NEEDS to be enhanced. 

Not our bodies (no plastic needed), not our food (no GMO's needed) not our photos (no filter needed)

Our lives are beautiful, raw, real, painful, and miraculous, but far from perfect. That is what makes life, life. Every flaw we bare makes us who we are.

While I too am guilty of slapping the prettiest filter on my selfie, I'll be the first to admit that I do not have perfect skin, brows, or pearly white teeth. (In fact one of my two front teeth is an 11 year old yellowish/greyish crown that needs to be replaced.) I have cellulite, I'm short, I sometimes sing off-key, I'm so blind I can't live without glasses or contacts. I have a gallery of killer modeling photos and a full time career as a singer but I am not - nor do I ever claim to be - perfect. 

On the contrary I do believe in posting only things that bring me joy. I choose not to post negative things (aside from your usual basic white girl complaint about it being monday). My highlight reel is something I enjoy looking back on through the years as I document my favorite moments, but this is not to be confused with the whole "my life is perfect" charade. I have bad days too! Hell, I have weeks where my period cramps are so bad I could literally morph into Agustus Gloop and consume an entire Chocolate factory. 

So the next time you're scrolling through Instagram when you should be getting ready for work, remember you do not need Botox because Kylie Jenner has perfectly plump lips. If your spaghetti dinner doesn't look like an Olive Garden advertisement you are not a bad mom. And if you have freckles for crying out loud skip the horribly obvious face tune app filter and flaunt them because they are beautiful. You are beautiful. And so is your life. 

Speaking of freckles: I am a firm believer that freckles are one of the only things in beauty that you simply CANNOT fake. I mean, in recent beauty trends they try, but in my opinion they fail miserably. That is one more damn good reason to flaunt them. Stay tuned for a song on my upcoming album titled "Freckles" :) 

Anyway, this blog was inspired by this photo I took today #NoFilterNeeded. 

Here's the thing about photos -  It's literally impossible to capture a beautiful moment with your iPhone the way you see it in real-time. This always reminds me to put my stupid phone down and enjoy a moment as it is passing by instead of trying to document it. I'm making a resolution right here right now, to do exactly that. I also want to read more books in 2017 and less social media, And to interact/hangout with my friends more in real life! Who's with me? 


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There is beauty in every flaw. Love this!




Haha im with you just send me a plane ticket ??

SnobbyG aka Graham

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